Wednesday, 27 July 2011

more involvement lately

I'm still feeling exhausted everyday.
They say it's because the body is using a lot of energy for the baby's growth.

He kissed my tummy again last night.
I love it when he does that, it's like telling the little one he loves him.
He is also more involved - thinking of rearrangement of furniture, getting a cot, naming the baby etc...

I truly feel blessed having him around.
And I gotta thank God for making all these possible.
I also have to thank him for being such a wonderful father-to-be.

He'll be back in camp next week. The little one and I are going to miss him alot.
We'll cherish the entire week with him before he goes away.

The little one says he loves daddy very much. (:

Friday, 22 July 2011

A very lovely boyfriend and father to be

Hunz bought me the pregnancy pillow last night.
He said I'd need it even more as the belly grows larger.
He's really a sweetie pie and I'm more blessed than ever.

While shopping last evening, he suddenly said he thought of a name for the little one.
One with 'A' and 'K' in it - Jake.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

17 weeks

The little one is 11.4cm long (head to bottom).
The doctor said I've got low lying placenta and might need a cesarean. It's still early to decide though, so I've got to visit him a couple more occasions.

The tummy's getting tighter but these two nights have been moderately well. I've been talking to the little one before bed, asking him to allow me some good night's rest so I can last the day at work. He's a really good boy.

I also love how hunz feels or rubs my tummy. Like, he's feeling for the little one. I hope I'll be able to let him feel the little one when he starts kicking or protruding.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

16 weeks

I have so much difficulty sleeping at night.
The tummy feels really awkward - I can't explain how weird.
I get awaken to run toilet trips which gets really disruptive.
I can't sit in a single position for more than 10 mins while at work.
My shoulders, lower back and calves are aching like crap.
My nose and sinuses are constantly blocked, I barely can breathe.
The share of food intake has reduced because I constantly feel bloated.

I need a pregnancy pillow and I'm in awful need for a massage. Like a plea, like a beg. Goodness.

God's blessing.

The job interview hunz went last week offered him a position with a very decent salary.

I'm very happy for him.

God's a brilliant watcher, undeniably. Thank you Big Guy!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The magical moment

Hunz grabbed my tummy and planted a kiss.
Nobody will ever know how magical that moment was for the three of us.

I felt so touched I almost cried.

I've been carefully threading around the pregnancy topic.
Carefully making sure I don't say or do things that will add on the stress he already has.

His action caught me pleasantly surprised.
I know the little one is feeling blessed too. Because daddy loves him.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hunz' graduation

Attended hunz' graduation today.
Was so proud of him when he walked the stage to receive his scroll.

The end of college life marks the beginning of another milestone in life.
I'm so glad he allowed me to be part of these important times.

We celebrated further by watching Transformers in the night.
I hope he enjoyed the movie and I love making him feel happy.

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