Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday trip to Kluang, Malaysia

Hunz & I decided to bring kayleb for a short Sunday trip to Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. Our main purpose was to show Kayleb the Kluang railway station, something that Singapore no longer have after they bought over the land that used to house the KTM railway station.

Sometimes, some things are such a pity gone. I personally never had a chance to ride on the KTM railway or a traditional steam engine train. You can call me a true city girl.

Our first stop was heading through the Tuas checkpoint towards Luang railway station for the famous Kluang railway breakfast.

We had nasi lemak (came only in rice, little ikan bilis, peanuts & chilli), curry puff, half boiled eggs, charcoal toasted buns, malay noodles, teh-susu and coffee.

I'll be honest to tell you the food was pretty average because I have tasted better ones. Nontheless, the breakfast ambience wins hands down. 

I think Kayleb was pretty fascinated when he saw the train came to a stop right before his very eyes. He hasn't had a chance to ride the train very much and when he does, well, our train stations were aways subway-like. 

We headed to the premium outlet mall thereafter and had our lunch at Taman Sentosa. He got to ride on the kiddy ride we have always wanted to get him. Hunz said he got bored after 10 minutes of fun, so we probably shouldn't waste our money to get him something he wouldn't play long enough. 

I hope Kayleb had enjoyed himself today. Can't wait for the next short trip out with him. It's always enriching for me as well.

Parenting is truly not just teaching your child, it is also a learning journey for the parent. 

Thank you Kayleb for the opportunity. 

Before i end this post, here's a shout out to hunz, my grandfather and my father in law: happy father's day to three great fathers/grandfathers. keep rawking on & i love you three much!

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