Thursday, 1 March 2012

first day at the school house

his first try on the crawl/play mat @ 9 weeks old

it's kayleb's first day at the school house today. i just got home from dropping him off at the school house and coming home to an empty house is really weird. afterall, he's all i've ever got and known for 24-7 over the past few months.

my friend calls this separation anxiety.

at least i didn't cry when I left him in the care of his teacher. i just felt a strong sense of helplessness having to leave him with strangers. And I truly wonder how he'll react when he wakes up to not see me or his daddy, but someone he has never met in his life. I hope and pray that he copes well.

He has been behaving relatively alright when strangers carry him but you can't be too sure about such things. well, to set things off easier for him, it's gonna be a half day session for a start. Don't want to terrify him too much to begin with.

I can't wait to see my precious little sunshine joy in the afternoon.

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