Friday, 14 June 2013

Marching on to the "terrible two" phase

I'm always intrigued by the "Terrible Two" phase and even more amused as to why it is called "Terrible Two". As Kayleb nears the age of 2, I'm beginning to understand why.

He's starting to have random outburst of tantrums and frustrations and likes to hit us whenever he feels frustrated. Everyday, it is a repeating cycle of trying to explain to him what's right and what shouldn't be done, squatting down to his height so we can speak to him respectfully, trying to figure out what he wants (since he can't speak yet) and keeping our cool whenever he stretches our limits.

As I'm a very impatient person, I am constantly reminding myself that I cannot raise my voice at him, and I need to use my words since I want him to use his. I'm using each and every day as a learning platform to communicate with him through explaining, reasoning and more explaining and more reasoning. More importantly, I keep reminding myself that I should not use the typical Asian physical disciplinary action on him. One, because he is too young to understand and two, hitting is just not ideal for his psychological and emotional development.

I'm not a perfect person and I do lose my cool from time to time. So I have to step aside to take a deep breath before I try to re-connect with him.

I'm using less baby-talk and more adult sentences. Sometimes he needs me to repeat myself a few times, slowly and using signs/gestures before he understands what I mean. It is not easy but I believe the effort is well-worth it. Lately, he is starting to grasp the idea of what it means by me telling him "Kayleb, could you please put Stripey in the bed, so we can put on your socks and shoes to get ready for school?" And I'm grateful for that.

I know there are more to teach Kayleb as he approaches two years old, and even more things for me to learn as a parent. I'm full of anticipation and I will keep boosting myself from time and again, to keep things going.

Well, I'd like very much to see "Terrible Two" as "Tremendous Two" - Tremendously tiring but exciting journey to Kayleb turning Two.

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