Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Poor boy's fallen ill

Kayleb has fallen sick for the first time.

We thought we ought to bring him to the PD's office since he hasn't pooped for a week. So the PD checked him and gave him fleet enema. She also found his nose really congested and prescribed some medication for his cough/congestion.

We're relieved that the enema worked and he pooped twice in a day. But getting him to swallow his medication  is a pain for both of us. He's always frantically crying for help and gasping away. To make things harder, we need to go through the same ordeal thrice a day.

He's back to school today and I hope his infant care teachers can cope with him (especially during medication time). I'm keeping my cellphone close by just in case they ring me.

Breaks our heart to see him unwell and having to suffer the torment of taking his medication. I hope he gets well really soon.

screw the flu bug. it's really fierce this time round.

Dada bottle feeding him breastmilk while waiting for the PD's review

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