Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The 4th month journey

I always loved this parenting mantra 

"The days are long but the years are short."

How apt isn't it? In a blink of an eye, Kayleb's turning 5 months old and his 4th month journey had a couple of milestones.

Kayleb's infant care teacher told us that hecould flip from his back to his tummy during nap time. Although we have yet got a glimpse of how he did it, it was pretty exciting to know that he learnt how to flip.

What we were able to see was him grabbing his own feet and playing with it. His motor skills are getting better by the day and we're very happy about it.

We sat him in a walker (a gift so thankful that my ex-colleagues from the CDC got him). He managed to transit over the month from sitting with a cushion in front to being able to sit up right without one. And now he is able to gradually reach out to the music buttons on his own. I love the idea that the walker has a layer of cushion at the bottom so his feet are away from the ground. He just sits there and watch me clean his bottles in the morning, or get pushed around with our feet when he is cranky near our dinner time. I love how the walker can be converted to a rocker - he was amazed when we first rocked him in it. Last Saturday, I noticed his walker shifted a short distance. This little guy here managed to use the strength of his feet to somehow "push" the walker.

Kayleb also took his first solid food - 2 teaspoon full of Friso Milk Cereal. His first taste of it made him smiled. It was like he realize there was more to just drinking milk every day. A couple of days later, whilst having dinner, I mashed 1/2 a teaspoon of boiled carrots for him. He loved it. Just over the weekend, while dining at IKEA, we let him tasted their boiled potato and boy, he doesn't actually enjoy it. I guess it was because the potato had no seasoning. I'm starting to wonder if he is gonna grow up to be a food lover like mommy & daddy?

Another milestone to record - Kayleb's learning to hold his own milk bottle. On weekends 6am feed, I get him to lie on my pillow so he is semi-propped up. Then I get him to hold his milk bottle for awhile. 

Also, Kayleb's able to sit semi upright on his stroller. YAY to that! And he is playing with the stroller toy with a kiddo steering wheel that is meant for babies 6 months & above. We're such proud parents!

Last but not least, I sent Kayleb's photo for a photo contest organized by Singapore Mommy. And I must thank every single voter for their support and love for our little sunshine joy. We're so grateful and blessed for each of those likes. And truly wish to win the contest!

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