Sunday, 10 June 2012

kayleb's half birthday

I woke up to a dampening weather. It poured the entire night and drizzled through the morning. Mid morning was cloudy and gloomy and we had to postpone our outdoor family photoshoot. Even though the weather was depressing, my mood and determination weren't. I was all determined to celebrate our little prince's half birthday, so we headed for brunch at forty h4nds. This little guy pointed and picked his own birthday cake. Time really flies and i can't believe we both survived 6 months of breastfeeding.

haha! but i'm starting weaning since i can't keep up with his demands and he's doing excellent with FM and solids. Ironically, I miss nursing him terribly though. it's like a huge bonding activity gone.

sigh i guess momma's going thru another phase of separation anxiety.

anyway! happy half birthday little prince. love u!
kayleb repeated pointed to this slice of cake
while at the cake display cabinet
brunch at forty h4nds
a casual family photo

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