Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kayleb's first trip to the zoo!

We brought Kayleb to the Singapore Zoo for the first time. I think he might have been opened to a huge world he never realized did exists. He was pretty amazed at the animals that were within his visual fields and for most of the time, he froze in seconds like as if he was puzzled with the things going on.

Here are some of the few photos we caught on camera:

dozed off just as we reached Kidz' World.

enjoying his lunch by the splash pool at Kidz' World.
He was having pumpkin, carrots and beef puree.

He was intrigued by the penguins taking a dip.

and yawning away while grandma carries him.
I can't wait for our next zoo trip! Hopefully by then, he is old enough to figure out things better, feed the animals and is interested to learn more about the animals.

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