Sunday, 5 May 2013

A short trip to Genting, Malaysia

Hunz and I decided to try bringing Kayleb for a short trip. Instead of stressing everyone with a flight destination, we chose a coach travel to Genting, Malaysia, for 4 days 3 nights.

I must say, I'm very thankful and pleased with how well-behaved Kayleb was throughout the coach ride. He slept through most of the journey and was well-entertained with the toy cars and magnetic board I prepared.

While we were at Genting, Kayleb was happy to travel around in his stroller and was rather cooperative during meal times.

We had a memorable time and here'a picture of us picking strawberries at the strawberry farm. He was extremely quick to grasp the concept of picking strawberries and went on a rampage even without me using a scissors to snip the strawberries off the plants. He was so adorable as he made his way through the rows of strawberries and picking the ones we told him looked ripe and juicy enough.

After picking the berries, he was so sweet to distribute them to all our friends. Little guy enjoyed his fruit of labor as well and had the juice squirted all over his outfit. It was such a fond moment, it feels fresh even  as I'm now reflecting on it.

We also went on a joy ride indoors of Genting. He was absolutely delighted to be on the right as he looked around and happily waved at his grandmother who was looking at him from the bridge below. 

While we were bowling, Kayleb attempted to lift the bowling ball all by himself. It was comical as we watched him try with all his might. After he realized it was impossible, he stopped and decided to roll the ball around instead. Quick thinking as he always does.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and I look forward to our next family vacation.

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