Thursday, 12 July 2012

7months of motherhood & counting on

In the blink of an eye, Kayleb turned 7 months old on the 9th. These 7 months went past like a whirlwind struck my life and I actually got through 7 months of EBM.

While I'm in the midst of weaning breastfeeding, many emotions set in. I'm easily agitated lately and I swear by the insanity of raging hormones during weaning.

I still remember being pregnant and having people telling me I might pop way earlier than my EDD. How people went around commenting how low carrying I was and how Kayleb brought shine to my face.

Then came the crazy pain around the hips resolved by the amazing epidural. 10:10am, 9th Dec 2011, we welcomed the little pumpkin to our lives.

Things never were the same again. I could no longer head out for fun without having plenty of guilt. I could no longer sleep more than 3 hours in a row. I could no longer have all the time in the world for myself. It was all the time for Kayleb and Kent.

Nights spent helplessly crying together with him fussing felt like just yesterday. The struggles to get through every day without help when I returned home after confinement were still fresh in my mind. He didn't smiled any bit and I thought to myself "How am I to get through another day with a baby who doesn't seem to ever connect with me emotionally?"

Then one fine day, Kayleb smiled. And he kept on smiling and giggling, and cooing and laughing. I forgot about how painful I felt when I thought he couldn't connect. It was like he knew I was having a difficult time and he wanted to show me that he reciprocates my love and tireless efforts.

Excitement sets in when Kayleb was able to lift his head steadily during tummy time. "He's in a huge milestone to growing up" I exclaimed. Then things progressed quicker. He managed sitting up with support, then flipping himself over and now sitting up firmly without much support.

Just yesterday, I noticed him being able to pass an object from one hand to another.

To be honest, time just went by so quickly, I'm surprised by my ability to actually survive through the bits and pieces of hectic mommy schedule for 7 solid months. Of course, still counting on for the many days, months and years ahead.

I'm ending this post with last night's facebook status:

To all mommies - hang in there if you feel you are struggling. You are not alone.
To all mommy-to-be(s) - you have no idea what you are in for. But fret not, you'll get through each day somehow or rather. haha!

To Kayleb - mommy loves you dearly. Please continue growing up strong, healthy and happy. 

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