Monday, 26 November 2012

cooking for lil pumpkin

Weekend meals for Kayleb means home-cooked food and not cereal. Well, unless we're not going on a super long day trip, else, I'll try my best to fix him home-cooked meal.

Last weekend I cooked him porridge. Here's sharing the recipe:

Baby Veggie Porkie Congee (suitable for babies 10 months and above)
Soup stock 
1) Pork Ribs (100g) - chopped into individual rib size
2) 1 x onion - peel off skin and both ends chopped 
1) Rice 1/8 cup, soaked for at least 15mins 
1) organic pumpkin
2) silky tofu
3) carrots 
This is super easy peasy to prepare. All you gotta do is wash all the ingredients clean. Boil the pork ribs, whole onion in water and then throw in the rice. Cook till rice breaks into bits and into the consistency you prefer. Scoop out the rib and onion when congee is done. Transfer into slow cooker if serving time is not up yet. 
Then dice the pumpkin and carrot and slice the tofu. Steam all the veggie for about 20mins. (I use the avent steamer/blender) 
When serving, blend veggie and congee together.

There! An easy recipe for a hearty baby meal.

I love how you can simply switch the combination for the veggie and easily replace the pork ribs with chicken meat. Or if you prefer, cod fish, silver fish and scallops. Just make sure your baby ain't allergic to any food product. 

Only introduce new food products once every 3 days interval so you can have time to observe for any allergy reactions.

Cheers to whipping up delicious yummy meals for our little ones.

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